28133_128577330504002_118008391560896_240876_7936559_nTropic Spa Retails Home Mist Spray Tan Units With New Direct Sales Program
(For Immediate Release-Toronto,ON-London,ON: December 14 2012)— Who doesn’t like the look of a tan? Some are turning away from UV beds- where others just don’t have the time nor money to invest in working on a year-round ‘glow’- And so the spray tan was born. Canadian-born company, Tropic Spa Inc.- has created a home mist spray tan unit that provides users with a natural-looking tan at the touch of a button.
The application itself is fairly simple. After exfoliation- the user manually rotates for twelve second duration while the Tropic Spa unit sprays them with an initially clear tan solution- that develops in 3-5 hours. There is no bronzer in the solution, as to minimize any colour residue on walls & floors. The spray tan itself lasts anywhere from 3-5 days & can simple be exfoliated off & a fresh application reapplied.
Although quite simple- one of the challenges Tropic Spa has faced, is that users want to try the $300 spray tan unit before investing in the purchase of a unit for their own home. The easiest way for Tropic Spa to enable people to try the unit out for themselves, was to launch an exciting new direct sales program.
With the help of consultants throughout Canada & the USA, users are able to try the unit at a home party, during a private appointment, and at many events throughout North America.
“The easiest way to get people to get interested in the product- is to show them,” states CEO John Marmora, “People don’t understand the concept of a home spray tan unit, until they see it & then they get really excited”.
The new direct sales program offers a chance for men & women alike- especially stay-at-home moms with little time to ‘tan’- an opportunity to make some extra money, as well as getting a discount on their own Tropic Spa products.
“I purchased my own unit- because being a busy mom, I don’t have much time to tan- UV or not. After a few applications- it does take some practice, I was left with a natural looking tan that I loved!” states New Liskeard consultant, Jessica Brubacher, “I couldn’t think of a better way to make some extra money while spreading the word about this really neat new product!”
The home mist tanning unit from Tropic Spa Inc., is patented product & the first of its kind to the marketplace- a feature selling point to many new consultants. If interested in finding out more about the business opportunity or the product please visit the website or email
“No Appointment Necessary, You Got This Tan At Home!”


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